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December 7, 2011

Heather Leigh from Playboy’s Student Bodies

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Heather Leigh from Playboy's Student Bodies
Playboy’s Student Bodies presents 24 year old Heather Leigh from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Heather is a certified personal trainer making health and fitness a big part of her life. We sure were glad she took time out to pose for us. Her hobbies include going to concerts, cooking, scrapbooking, photography and learning guitar. Heather likes people who are musically inclined and open-minded. To learn more click on the interview video in the members area

Heather Leigh’s
Intro Video


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November 18, 2011

We both fucked her before dropping her off

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My buddies and I have the perfect plan to get laid. We cruise the streets looking for 18 or 19 year old pussy in need of a lift. Of course we expect these little sluts expect to pay for their rides. You’d be amazed how these girls will put out just to get to where they want.

We were driving around after a dry spell looking for some sweet teen pussy. After almost giving up we rolled up on Alexi walking due to a broken down car. This 18 year old sweetie turned out to be quite the slut. She’d do anything for a ride, and we let her prove it. We both fucked her before dropping her off. I think she liked it enough to take hitchhiking up as a hobby. Hope she doesn’t see this!

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November 13, 2011

Platinum Blond Super Hefty Bitch Slurping And Riding A Large Boner

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Platinum Blond Super Hefty Bitch Slurping And Riding A Large Boner

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If they are not large and extra wild, then they are not here inside Size BBW! This exclusive site only features the largest and heftiest gorgeous bitches who just loves getting wild in front ot the cams! Here, see a platinum blond super hefty bitch named Daphne get her large boobs and massive booty measured first before getting her sexy mouth and tight twat lips shagged hard! Her large boobs are just fabulous, like swinging watermelons! See her this slim guy fuck her love hole hard while Daphne’s wearing a hot leopard print lingerie! Download the entire photo set inside Size BBW, and see more hot and sexy cuties with super hefty bodies, giant boobs and enormous booties get slamed fucked in exclusive pictures and flicks!

Babe’s mouth full of cum

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Amateur home movie submitted by 9ff9 at Private Home Clips

Babe’s mouth full of cum

This blonde doll was very hungry and lashed out her excited man’s cock to swallow it deeply in throat and finally get the lavish loads of creamy cum!

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November 9, 2011

Nikki Minnich from Women of Playboy

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Nikki Minnich from Women of Playboy
Women of Playboy presents 27 year old Nikki Minnich from Baltimore, MD.

Nikki is from Baltimore,MD. She is the Director of Marketing for her company. We like a woman in charge! She knows what she wants and what she likes, and is very open. When asked to tell us something about herself that most people wouldn’t know, she says there really isn’t anything, because she is confidant and puts it all out there. She loves to take care of her body, and eats right and works out most nights. Well, Nikki, it shows!

Nikki Minnich’s
Intro Video


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November 7, 2011

I’ve Never Done That Before 7

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I've Never Done That Before 7
DVD - I’ve Never Done That Before 7
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It’s never to late to learn and these girls put that theory to the test. Starring Joey Lane, Sunshine, Nika, Christina White, and Olivia Saint. Cream pies all round first scenes here and there it’s all new and these young lassies love it.

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Cam Contacts Babe Extasy21

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This is Extasy21, a stunning 28 year old straight babe. She has a normal build that’ll make you drool.. and blonde hair with brown eyes. Stuff that turns her on includes i like wild sex…i like anal sex…i will do all to please u but she is turned off by i dont like rude people…and those who dont know to appreciate sex art…. If you were to meet her online and have webcam chat she would give you ! She loves to meet sexy guys and girls over at Cam-Contacts because she wants to satisfy ur wishes.

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November 6, 2011

Confusing pissing

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Confusing pissing
Embarrassed miss relieves herself in her long shorts in the street

Confusing pissing


October 16, 2011

Wet street confuse

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Wet street confuse
Sporty chick hides behind the car to change after wetting her pants

Wet street confuse


September 18, 2011

Totally D.P.

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Truly gorgeous Euro babes get all the huge man-meat they can handle!

Totally D.P. was produced by N/A and stars N/A . It was released on 2006/06/05 and the full DVD running time is 128 minutes.

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Totally D.P. - Scene 2
Scene 2
Totally D.P. - Scene 3
Scene 3
Totally D.P. - Scene 4
Scene 4
Totally D.P. - Scene 5
Scene 5

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September 15, 2011


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Hello! my name is Cherry Potter, I’m from Montreal, Canada. My biggest thrill in life is to get fucked in the ass. I also love giving head, eating pussy while getting my ass rammed or just playing with myself in front of the camera. Get in touch with me and we’ll have a blast together. You’ll be able to see and hear me live and It’s a good way for me to meet my members. Don’t be shy guys I’m really friendly and you’ll only get good stuff out of this ;) Check out my homepage for more about me, pics, videos and friends.

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June 8, 2011

I’m a walking brunette fantasy

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I’m a walking brunette fantasy

I’m a walking brunette fantasy

Believe me, it’s not that i’m narcissistic. I am screaming hot and loving every inch of my body. Definitely a major turn on to see my naked brunette body without any clothes on. In fact, every time I put on live shows, I actually get very aroused and can’t help shoving my fingers deep down my pussy. No need to hide the fact that I am a genuine nympho who wants to get the best out of her body. Pleasuring myself is sure to happen once all clothes are removed. My sexy brunette features are extraordinary, believe me, even I don’t have a chance. If hot brunettes get you hard, then I am your sexual heaven. I think my live webcam is bound to offer the most insane show on ever. Click here to view our last show pics and here to check out more about us

June 7, 2011

Oral sex turns on big rod

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Oral sex turns on big rod
Viewer rating: 3.97/5.00

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Dude’s cock grows hard as babe’s beautiful spoiled lips give fine oral sex to him. She knows what men need.

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June 6, 2011

WetWitches a sexy lesbian couple!

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WetWitches a sexy lesbian couple!

Enjoy this movie that was filmed live during a live sex show…. Sexy lesbian couple!

Hey, look up these lesbian girls fingering their pussies, playing with dildo, licking their bodies! This couple of lesbians take care of each other pussy and push those dildos really deep. Search for them and you will see those pussies having a lot of fun. click here to watch the full movie and maybe chat with this hot couple

May 20, 2011

Stupid hot blonde girlfriend sucks dick

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Stupid hot blonde girlfriend sucks dick
Viewer rating: 5.00/5.00

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May 19, 2011

Spy movies with dude reaming tight asshole

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I found this awesome clip at Home Spy Video - A fucking HUGE archive of movies submitted by users.

Home Spy Video
Spy movies with dude reaming tight asshole of his naughty wife & splattering cum on her fat butt-cheeks

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Babes in Pornland: Asian Babes - Scene 2

May 18, 2011


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My wife was in New York on a business trip and Anna’s husband was out as usual. It was in early evening and I was totally lost in gazing at her pretty neck and profile when I realized that she was staring at me over her shoulder. She had just asked me a question three times without a response. She noticed me turning red with embarassment and started to turn red also as she realized what I had been daydreaming about. I apologized and stood up to leave as she turned toward me to say something. She froze staring at my crotch where my hard on was showing. My whole body felt on fire as I looked down at her, her red lips were glistening in the light and her eyes seemed to be deep blue pools. I moaned another apology and started to leave when she reached forward to feel my cock. She quickly undid my belt and pulled down my zipper. One half of my mind was saying that I should get out now, and the other half said to grab the back of her head. My hands reacted before my feet and I pulled her head toward my cock. Anna opened her mouth to lick the head of my cock sticking above the waist of my shorts. I almost burst as the tip of her tongue flicked around the underside of the crown of my dick while her hands squeezed and tickled my balls through the material. ..[continue reading]..

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Hand job from cute teen

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Hand job from cute teen Hand job from cute teen Hand job from cute teen

Hand job from cute teen
Young and beautiful college girl with big boobs masturbates her boyfriend’s huge instrument with her nice hands. Keywords: beautiful, boobs, girl, hands, huge, masturbation, nice
Size: 4 Mb
Length: 01 min 38 sec


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